Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Map of the Strip Hotels:

Gonna be here more than few nights or during the week? Check out a timeshare. You get the benefit of a larger room with a kitchen/dining area PLUS the cost is usually much cheaper than a hotel. You can book through or check out Some to look into: Polo Towers (on strip next to Aladdin, behind Harley Davidson Café), Signature at MGM Grand, Jockey Club (although building additional condo next door and I hear construction can be bothersome), Hilton Vacation Club (pretty far North on strip, past Venetian), Carriage House. I would personally steer clear of Cancun Resorts and Tahiti Village, only because they are too far South (down toward Southpointe Casino).

For restaurants, check out Sign up for their emails and you will get discount codes emailed to you regularly. Use the discount codes to purchase gift certificates to restaurants in Vegas. You can typically get 60% off coupons, allowing you to purchase $25 restaurants certificates for $4. Some restaurants to try: Café Babareeba, Blondies (Aladdin), Rosemary’s (see review below), Border Grill.

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