Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Booking Vegas and Other Things to Know

Check and if you aren’t particular on the specific hotel. If you are, I recommend For flights, or If you know the hotel where you want to stay and you have a while before your trip, I recommend signing up for the hotel’s emails and wait for the good deals. In my experience, the best time to purchase rooms is within the 2 months before the trip, unless you are traveling during a very busy holiday weekend, which requires earlier reservations. Other good websites,,,

Did you know…..

- Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular times to come to Vegas as it’s the most popular day for weddings.
- The last Monday in October is a 3-day weekend for Nevadans known as “Nevada Day.” You may see an influx in strip visitors.
- July 4th isn’t really a big deal in Vegas. There aren’t any fireworks on the strips or any large parties. It’s nothing special, so don’t expect much.
- It's much cheaper to come to Vegas during the week than it is to come over a weekend, especially a 3-day weekend or holiday weekend.
- What's the most expensive time of the year for Vegas? New Year's Eve. What's the best time of the year in Vegas, IMO? New Year's Eve.
- Perhaps the most important thing to know......It's Nuh- VAD-uh, not Nuh-VAH-duh!!!

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